Unlimited Classes

The Best Body Fitness in Town

GROUP CLASSES is one of our most popular services, as the service is not only cheaper but also more varied, since you have the opportunity to attend different classes and disciplines at 6 times. under a system that allows you to train a different muscle group every day so that regardless of the time you attend, you work in a very complete way.

Monday and Friday: lower
body Tuesday and Thursday: upper
body Wednesday: Cardio and Abs.

Coming to COOLTO is seeing you and feeling good!

This package includes Zumba Classes, one of our most popular classes, which although it does not meet a specific toning program, it is a fun way to get your cardiovascular dose of the day, with some of the best Zumba instructors in the world.

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Things To Bring

Water Bottle

Sports Shoes

Sweat Towel

Extra Clothes

Course Info

  • Course Duration:60mins

  • Class Intensity:normal

  • Class Name:Unlimited Classes